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Cabinet Finish cleaning instructions


As with all wood products, avoid excessive moisture on your newly installed wood products. Simply wipe with a clean cloth; do not spray on water. Use a damp 100% cotton cloth. A small amount of mild dish detergent may be used if required. Wipe dry immediately with a dry, soft cloth. This process may be repeated as often as necessary. It is recommended that you complete small areas at a time so that the moisture from the damp cloth will not remain on the wood for an extended period of time. For best results, wipe in the same direction as the wood grain, rather than across the grain or in a circular motion. 

Please do not use products containing ammonia, bleach, wax, or silicone, as these types of products may damage the finish on your wood products. Warm water and clean, cotton cloths are best for cleaning wood products. 

Everyday spills should be wiped dry immediately to avoid standing water or moisture on the wood. Do not allow wet cloths to hang against any wood product, as this could result in eventual damage to the wood or the finish.

Solid Color Finishes

The high quality top coat used has a multilayer finish application adhesion which requires a curing time of 28 days.

  • DO NOT Use any abrasive material (including your fingernails) to dust off the product. 

  • DO NOT SPRAY on any liquid to clean the door, simply wipe with a clean cotton cloth, dampened with warm water only. Make sure to wipe dry right away to avoid damage to the product.

  • DO NOT under any circumstance use multipurpose cleaner of ANY KIND as the chemicals found in them will compromise the beautiful finish of this high quality product.

  • DO NOT apply ANY mechanical force to the Glaze on the product (if applicable). The Glaze is an esthetic component, not a structural component and is therefore NOT meant to be scratched.

Over time and during the normal use of doors and drawer fronts with a colored lacquer (painted) finish, a non-structural hairline crack in the finish may appear on the joints of the doors & drawer fronts. This type of crack in no way jeopardizes the structural soundness of the product; it is merely an aesthetic characteristic which is considered normal in a colored lacquer finish and is not covered by warranty.  Due to extremely high temperatures vented from self-cleaning ovens, the oven MUST be pulled forward from cabinetry during a self-clean cycle.

Thermofoil/Melamine Finishes

Thermofoil and Laminate products can be kept looking like new, but proper cleaning materials need to be used. Such as: Methyl Hydrate, non-abrasive soap and water, or denatured alcohol and water. Do not use lacquer thinners or any other product containing acetone, or any abrasive rubbing material or cleaner. Due to extremely high temperatures vented from self-cleaning ovens, the oven MUST be pulled forward from cabinetry during a self-clean cycle. Exposure to temperatures above 85ºC (185ºF) is not covered by warranty. 

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