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Selecting the Best Cabinets for Your home

A while ago I was asked “how do I select the right cabinets for my home?” While thinking through how I was going to answer this I realized the question deserves a more thorough answer. Here is my take on some of the things that should be considered when selecting cabinetry for your home.

Cabinets make up the biggest expense in a kitchen remodel cost breakdown. You want to get the best cabinets and counters your budget will allow for your new kitchen. Therefore, you want to make an informed decision because there are many cabinetry options to choose from. How do you know which cabinetry is right for your new kitchen?

Allow me to help you sort through the options with some basic facts that will give you the confidence you need to select the option that is just right for you and your budget. In this blog, I’ll note a few key thoughts to consider.

Your budget will guide your decision making. We get that. Think of buying cabinets like buying a car. Which price category can you afford? Sports car, mid-size sedan or luxury SUV. Again, like a new car, upgrades are available, yet they cost extra. As a result, you shop for the size and extras you can afford.

That’s why it’s important to communicate your new kitchen wish list and budget to your kitchen designer. At Sunvalley Cabinets at our initial meeting with clients, we always start with the wish list and most times discuss the budget early in the process. We will advise you which extras are worth the cost and which ones you can skip. In addition, we can suggest lower-cost-but-just-as-good substitutes for the big-ticket items. There is an increasing number of beautiful materials at affordable prices, it takes a talented kitchen designer to know when and how to use specific materials to get you the best product within your budget.

What Kind of Cabinets Do You Need?

Are you in your “forever home”?

What are your plans for this house?

If the space you are remodeling is where you plan to spend many years, you need cabinets that are durable and long lasting. The answers to these questions will influence what direction I’ll guide you with material selection and style for your cabinetry and counters.

Will you be moving in a few years?

If your plan is to move into another home in a few years, you will want something that wears well and still shows nicely when it comes time to sell. If this is your situation, it’s also a good idea to choose a timeless door style and color, something a potential buyer will also like. Our Kitchen design team at Sunvalley will guide you to options suitable for these situations.

What is the value of your home?

Now consider the value of your home and expectations for the future of your neighborhood. You would not want to install a $110K kitchen in a $250K house. On the other end of the spectrum, you would not want to put an entry level cabinet into a $1 million dollar house on a country club golf course. There is a level of expectation and quality at every price point. Sunvalley Cabinets strives to have suitable options available for all budgets. Fortunately, our Designers at Sunvalley are very familiar with material costs as we design – build – install our own cabinetry. This equips us to design for your lifestyle while respecting your budget.

When shopping for cabinets, custom cabinetry is always the best choice if your budget allows for it. It is designed just for your space. Custom cabinets are the best cabinets for homeowners who want a high-end, personalized look that is unique to them. They are also the best cabinets for people who are in their forever home.

Custom cabinets are perfect for areas in your home that have unusual size and space requirements, like built-ins, or architectural details where box store sizes won’t work. We recommend custom cabinetry when you want quality tailored for your specific needs.

The pricing on custom cabinets will vary between cabinet manufacturers. The door style and wood species will determine a large portion of the price. For example, a raised panel door style is going to be significantly more expensive than a flat panel Shaker style door. Cherry or Quarter Sawn Oak will be costlier than Maple or Oak, and so on.

When Comparison Shopping, Make Sure You Are Comparing Apples-To-Apples.

Be sure you are comparing the same quality, style, wood species, interior features, upgrades etc. when shopping for your cabinets. A great deal is not a great deal if you don’t get what you expected, or it doesn’t last. Be aware that often descriptions or cabinet specifications may appear alike from cabinet maker to cabinet maker but can be constructed very differently. One may be a more precise product, or perhaps a different cabinet box assembly method making one superior to the other. Remember to research a supplier’s reputation, look for proven quality that’s seen the test of time when selecting your cabinet supplier.

Look for a company that is well established and will still be in business years down the road should you have issues.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you’re shopping for new cabinetry, I hope that some of my thoughts here today can help you with making your own decisions with confidence!


Steve Elias

Sunvalley Cabinets & Construction

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